Cloudbase Prime

2017 / 7

Enjoy your shift on a floating mining platform on a gas giant. Your main tools are an energy cannon and the architect, a tool that can move the tiles that the mining platform is constructed from to clear paths and defeat enemies.

I am the captain.

2016 / 6

A game made for Star Trek Jam. You are the captain. You might not be a good captain.
An unusually actiony adventure game. wasd to move, space to jump. Left and right click things to captain.


2015 / 4

A Ludum Dare 32 entry for the theme "an unconventional weapon" by myself, Daniel Somerville, and John McBryan.

Hugo has a laser pointer attached to his head. All cats follow his beam.
All cats follow his will.
Hugo is the Laser Cat King.
Obey your god, cats.
The dot has arrived, and it is red. (more info)

Blue Window

2014 / 12

My Ludum Dare 31 entry for the theme "entire game on one screen". You have one tool in this world: the blue window. This screen allows you to look through and see things that don't exist yet, but could, with a touch of your finger. (more info)

From Below

2014 / 4

My Ludum Dare 29 entry for the theme "beneath the surface". You play as a kraken with four individually controllable tentacles. You throw whales so hard they explode. You can also catch missiles. (more info)


2013 / 1 - 2013 / 7

The completed version of my OUYA CREATE game jam entry: Robots shooting each other in the face. In space! Fight your friends in planetoid gravity while hunting monsters to collect coins. Buy weapons and destroy the other team's ship! Or play co-op with 1-4 players if you're that kinda guy. (dev log)

Hell Guy Hells it Up

2012 / 12

Clunky but fun. You are Hell Guy! Like any hell guy, you enjoy clubbing farmers over the head until they die and throwing their skulls and goats into portals to hell. This was made for the LD 25 game jam with my wife in 3 days, and it was her first time working with either Unity or Blender! (more info)

Hell Bear 2000

2012 / 11

A color matching beat 'em up based on Reddit's idea, made to raise awareness for Punch bears to change their color; shoot them dead to rack up combo score multipliers and charge up your super moves.


2012 / 4

A grass growing simulator that also makes a somewhat confused attempt to be a twin stick shooter. Help plants grow to terraform the world and get more genesis bombs. I never did get as far with this as I'd planned, but it looks nice. (more info)

Pile of Kittens

2012 / 1

Runner-up in the Unity Flash in a Flash competition. A sidescroller where you herd a pile of rolling kitten heads to victory against mild platforming puzzle challenges and deadly robots, featuring music by Connor Humphreys. (dev log)

A Lonely Moon

2011 / 12

My Ludum Dare entry for the theme "Alone". A simple, potentially pretty platformer that was made in 48 hours and attempts to highlight both the quiet and fun parts of being alone. (more info)

Subatomic Kangaroo World Tour

2011 / 7 - 2011 / 11

A bullet dodging shoot 'em up where you're a subatomic kangaroo that hunts electrons using the power of jumping, shooting rainbow stars, and slow motion. Also: chiptunes by Connor Humphreys, "Artist of the Fortnight". (youtube)

Run Run Robot

2011 / 8

Fifth place in the Ludum Dare 21 Game Jam, made in a team effort with Brian and Eric.
You are a robot! You are being chased by a voracious shadow octopus. It's okay, these things happen. Run for your life! Shoot, too. Shooting helps. (more info)


2011 / 8

An experiment in "faking" that 3D pixel voxel rendering everyone's so fond of nowadays. A chunky stomp 'em up where you're a rather violent T-Rex on destructible terrain. You are somehow dextrous enough to use weapons. (dev log)

Incomplete (but playable) games:


2011 / 10

Carry a lantern through the dark and use its light to make yourself stronger and defeat monsters. Made as part of a short contest, but I realized I'd need to add more enemies and powers to the game to make it worthy of an official release. (dev log)